Commons, environmental resources and cultural heritage

Commons, environmental resources and cultural heritage
Historical and archeological perspectives
I International Workshop on the Archaeology of Commons

Scuola di Scienze Umanistche
via Balbi 2, Aula Magna
Università di Genova

Commons are a cross-road theme. This is a topic of interest to social historians, historical geographers, archaeologists, anthropologists, lawyers and environmental scientists. At the workshop we aim at provide scholars and research groups from different countries with the opportunity to explore and debate various aspects and issues pertinent to the study of ‘commons’. These areas will be examined from different perspectives and in the context of more general themes relating to archaeology and social history. The objective of the papers and discussions is to highlight and examine how the investigation of a ‘commons’, as a specific theme, can “force” the modification of questions concerning the sources and, as a consequence, modify the diverse methodologies adopted in their employment.
The workshop is the conclusive event of the ARCHIMEDE project (“Archaeology of Commons: cultural Heritage and Material Evidence of a Disappearing Europe” Marie Curie IEF based at the University of the Basque Country UPV-EHU) and will be the occasion for the launch of the “European Network for the Archaeology
of Commons”.

A noter, le 25 septembre:

Melanie Le Couedic (Université de Pau), Marc Conesa (Université de Montpellier): Histoire et archéologie des communs : jeux d’échelles et étude de cas

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